High Tech Surveillance Gadgets

What Guy Doesn’t Want to be a Dashing Spy?

Just like in all the action movies, just about every guy fantasizes about saving the day and getting the girl sometimes.  Give him a taste of the spy life with real spy gear!

Specializing in field tested items for surveillance and counter surveillance, 007spygear.com offers hundreds of unique items that have real world and everyday applications.

While he may not save the world from some evil genius, perhaps he’ll finally figure out who keeps swiping the stapler from his office desk. 007 Spy Gear

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Get Your Abs in Shape for Summer

Abdominal Core Fitness Leads to Overall Fitness

Getting your abs in shape gives you a physique that is both attractive and healthy.  Your abdominal core exercises will bring peak physical fitness without spending hours at the gym, and by working out to a specific program and maintaining a healthy diet, no secret pills, supplements, or other gadgets are necessary. Muscular Abs Image

Ab Workouts For Men is an ideal resource for free online information to help get that six pack abdomen that makes a man an attractive man.  While not technically a gift like other items on our site, letting your guy know about this site is just a little something that works as a bonus (or a hint!).

Great abs can be obtained, and with summer just around the corner, a visit to absworkoutsformen.com might be just what your guy needs.

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Physical Gold Bullion

Investing in Gold Bullion for Your IRA

Gold is probably the most universally welcomed and accepted gift on the planet and for all times.  Physical gold represents timeless true value and security.  In order to invest in gold, using a gold IRA rollover guide, you should seek out a gold custodian company that is knowledgeable and has the reputation and experience to purchase your bullion and offer storage Gold IRA Custodiansfacilities, low transaction fees, and other amenities and guidance required.  A great place to start is with goldirainvestments.net, where you can learn more about such companies and what they have to offer.

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Android TV Streaming Television

Android TV

This great gift allows the user to watch streaming television using Android technology.  The very affordable ANDROID TV™ set top box or plugin unit keeps the focus on entertainment by streaming media and Android 4.3 in a stunning manner. Built with a powerful quad core processor the ANDROID TV™ set top box offers more video content, more channels, downloadable apps and add-ons and is always commercial free.  Watch all your favorite shows, uninterrupted and on any of your devices.  This item is available through Phone Merchant.


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Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrenches are Necessary in Every Tool Kit

Torque wrenches provide just the right amount of tightening (or torque) on a bolt. They are an important tool for any man’s tool kit, as some repairs depend heavily on them.  With all the different types of wrenches available, getting good torque wrench reviews can be vital to finding and selecting the proper tool. Mountz EDS2000S Dial Torque Wrench image

Selecting and gifting the proper tool can make a great gift for any man that works in the automotive, marine, HVAC or repair industries.

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Geiger Counters

Geiger Counters Provide Radiation Protection

Fukushima and Chernobyl have taught us that doom and gloom predictions are not always for the tinfoil hat crowd as one would hope.  These nuclear accidents have shown that there are unexpected disasters that occur and one should always be prepared for the worst. Soeks EcoTester image

An ideal gift for the prepared person in your life is a digital Geiger counter.  These devices can be used to measure radiation in the area, as well as in more important things like food & water.  Put one on the gift list for the person in your life and check them out over at DigitalGeigerCounters.com, it makes for a thoughtful gift that can really come in handy in case of an emergency.

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Airsoft Gear

Airsoft Equipment and Supplies

The popularity of airsoft as a sport has exploded in recent years.  Equipment and supplies for the sport are not inexpensive, so they make for a welcome gift for any Airsoft Gearairsoft enthusiast since the more one participates in the sport the more supplies they need.  Airsoft can be quite a thrill, as it is somewhat like paintball but with less marking and more stinging, and the tactical equipment can easily be mistaken for the real thing.

Players can enjoy airsoft alone or in teams, and matching up or variation in the number of players per team can make things more interesting. The artigos militares website has a huge item list for all airsoft and military fans.

Lots of practice, to work on shooting positions, movement, and accuracy mean more supplies are needed. Give a visit to ArtigosMilitar.com

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Covers for Vehicles

Vehicle Covers for Maintenance

Keeping your ATV, motorcycle or other vehicle covered up when not in use makes sense, but what about car covers? Sure it can be an inconvenience as your car is probably your most used vehicle, with regular if not daily trips in and out of your driveway.car image with cover

If you don’t have a garage or carport, and even if you do, covering up your car can keep the paint fresh and prevent erosion of mechanical parts due to humidity, snow, or sea air.  Check out the covers at 365covers.com and see if there is one that is right for your vehicle.

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Manta Crossbow Case

Manta Crossbow Case for Bow Hunters

This crossbow case from Plano is the perfect gift for any bow hunter you know.  The ideal size and adjustable depth of the case make it unique.  It can accommodate most large sized crossbows that other cases can not even come close to.  The website Plano Manta Crossbow case imagePremiumGunCases.com carries these crossbow cases, as well as gun cases, at a discount.  Visit now and get this premium case as a gift for your bow hunter. The case is also lockable and travel approved, making it idea for airline travel to both protect the case and avoid any airline or TSA issues.

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Buying Gift Baskets for Men?

Buying Gift Baskets for Men

Gifts for men do not immediately bring to mind gift baskets.  Typically more masculine, electronic (i.e. cell phones and accessories), or outdoors or automotive related products come to mind. But surprisingly gift basket for men have become a very hot item.  gifts for men

Many ‘baskets’ are actually gift sets of manly items like grilling spices or other items that will surely make a great gift for any man. For more information visit www.bestpricegiftbaskets.com or see the video gift baskets for men.

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